Ashish Ek.pada

I’ve been thinking about this many time before it happend. You and me travelling on the road. Your voice stayed in my mind those two years. I was suppose to come back to see you again. The first time was so quickly. From Goa to Delhi, walking on the aeroport, knowing that you’ll be there, how amazing it was. Words can be so confusing sometimes, and next day they look so clear, pure and lovely. Since my first travel in India, you’ve been the only one wich care about me. Asking for news, sharing few staff about your life, giving some advices…

<<- How are you my friend Mary? >> You told me when you finally saw me. We talked few minutes before going on your bike. We spend one week in this big city, you were always catching my hand to bring them more closer to you, to make ourself more closer. You introduce me to a lot of friend to you. For once I enjoyed Delhi !
We were lazy, but we did a lot in one week ! Going to the climbing place, cooking, spending some time with Fred, drinking with your two friend, having some visit, speaking with your old friend, listening live music in the mosque, stayinga this tatoo funny place…
And then we left. A long bus travel towards the mountain, to reach this sweet Daramshala. The weather was so sweet. Down the indian/tibetan/touristic place is full of people and cars and noise, for sur! Slowly, step by step, going up and up, nature comes to you. Birds begin to sing. Wind is smoothly touching your skin. Monkeys are more and more. Houses are less and less. The stairs disapear and let some space to the rocks, waterfalls, jungle…and quiet-minded people.
Water come to my eyes when i’m thinking of it, because i left this place, this family, and you my love. But i know that everything is still here, and when i want i can feel it again, deep inside me.

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